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Qualite Tourisme - Logo


State-guaranteed quality reception and services

In order to welcome tourists and improve the quality of tourist services in France, the State has created the Quality Tourisme™ brand.

The Qualité Tourisme™ label is the only State mark awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their welcome and services.

A guarantee of quality, reliability and excellence throughout your stay

In order to obtain the brand, the service provider must successfully implement a quality approach that meets the requirements essential to your satisfaction. To guarantee trustworthiness, the services are regularly subjected to unannounced and independent checks. This sign of recognition allows you to choose tourist establishments that offer quality services with complete confidence.

Since it is aimed at the entire tourist reception chain, Qualité Tourisme™ will accompany you throughout your stay: accommodation, restaurants, places to visit, sports and leisure activities, tourist offices... You can plan your holidays with complete peace of mind.

Whether you are looking for well-known or unusual destinations, large groups with international reputations or small independent establishments, they all join forces with Qualité Tourisme™ to provide you with an welcome of excellence. Nearly 5,500 establishments have been awarded the Qualité Tourisme™ label.

For you, the State and tourism professionals are committed to:

  • A warm welcome
  • Attentive staff
  • Mastery of foreign languages
  • Personalised services
  • Clear and precise information
  • Cleanliness and comfort
  • Discovering a destination
  • Your opinion is taken into account

Quality Tourisme™ : more than 5,500 establishments in France that offer you excellent reception and services.



Camping Qualite - Logo

Camping Qualité

A commitment to quality shared by all.

Since 1999, all over France, campsite managers have been working on a daily basis to offer you a camping holiday of guaranteed quality.

For them, Camping Qualité is a guide to continuous improvement, but also, and above all, the secret to creating holidays in wich nothing is left to improvisation. For you, it is the official sign that allows you to choose quality without making mistakes.

To commit to the Camping Qualité label is to adopt a way of doing and thinking which starts long before your arrival.

All year round, the managers organise your welcome, structure the pitches, build the facilities, programme the activities, ensure cleanliness and take care of the natural environment according to demanding specifications that have become a trademark that is essentially geared towards your satisfaction.

The same high standards of quality for all.

It's hard to believe that so many campsites can promote the same quality! This takes place thanks to the professionalism of their managers and the respect they show you. They are committed, sometimes for many years, to the Camping Qualité approach. They all possess the same passion, whatever their geographical location, the number of pitches, their 1 to 5 star categories, whether private or municipal. They all must meet a strictly identical set of criteria.

By the sea, in the countryside, in the mountains and in the towns and cities, Camping Qualité is a network of choice, the whole of France opens up to you under the same sign of quality.



Ecolabels - Logo

Ecolabels (pending)

The benchmark for responsible consumption

More and more of you prefer products and services awarded with eco-labels, companies more committed to offering them and governments more willing to encourage them...

At the end of the day, it is the planet that benefits from these increments.


They comply with stringent criteria aimed at reducing their environmental footprint throughout their life cycle.


The performance criteria and tests performed out ensure the same quality as a traditional product or service.


Far from "self-proclaimed" green labels, NF Environnement and the European Ecolabel are issued by an independent body.

Characteristics :

General management: environmental management, staff training, customer information, maintenance of heating appliances and devices, monitoring of consumption
Reduction of energy consumption: renewable electricity supply, heating, lighting
Reduced water consumption: sanitary facilities, laundry cleaning
Reduction and sorting of waste and wastewater
Other criteria: promotion of ecological transport, information on the European Ecolabel, etc.

Certification body : AFNOR Certification



Clef Verte - Logo

Green key

An international environmental label

Every year in France, millions of holidaymakers and business travellers stay in tourist accommodation and visit restaurants. Today they can choose to reduce their environmental impact and assert their social responsibility by choosing one of the 624 establishments with the Green Key label in France or among more than 3,000 Green Key tourist accommodation or restaurants in 57 countries.

Present on five continents, the Clef Verte / Green Key tourist ecolabel is the first international sustainable tourism label for tourist accommodation and restaurants.

The 1st ecolabel for tourist accommodation and restaurants

Hotels, campsites, bed and breakfasts, self-catering cottages (gîtes), furnished tourist accommodation, tourist residences, holiday villages and centres, youth hostels, and restaurants are committed to an effective environmental approach with the aim of constantly evolving towards the best practices recommended by the Green Key ecolabel.

Developed in France since 1998, the Clef Verte label is the first ecolabel for tourist establishments in France, both in terms of the number of labelled establishments and its history.

On the path to sustainable tourism!

Implementation of an environmental policy and a socially responsible approach, intelligent waste management (reduction at source, collection and recycling), control of energy and water consumption, responsible purchasing (in particular for food and maintenance), active customer awareness: these are all criteria of the Clef Verte label which are taken into account by the labelled establishments. The labelling process includes regular audits and the collection of evidence to attest the seriousness of the establishments' approach.

The Clef Verte team is present throughout the year to support the players in the tourism industry to accompany, exchange best practices and advise them, in order to enable the development of sustainable, ecologically virtuous and socially responsible tourism in France.

What are the criteria for obtaining the label?

Environmental policy

General environmental management, employee training, social responsibility

Raising environmental awareness
Information for guests, nature activities, display/highlighting of eco-activities

Water management
Resource management and sanitation, tap capacities, watering

Waste management
Waste sorting, volume reduction

Energy management
Resource management, heating and cooling, domestic equipment, lighting

Responsible purchasing
Food, maintenance, stationery, furniture, other purchases

Living environment
Indoor environment, outdoor environment

The criteria for the Green Key / Clef Verte label are established at the international level by the Foundation for Environmental Education and reviewed every 4 years to take into account technological progress and environmental issues.

Each country uses on the international criteria to develop its own criteria which may not be less demanding than the international benchmark.

On the contrary, each country can reinforce certain criteria and must systematically have any changes approved by the International Directorate of the Green Key label.

The Green Key criteria are regularly re-evaluated in order to keep them up to date and to meet the new environmental requirements of the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) internationally and of Teragir in France.

The Green Key label is a guarantee of seriousness.

It certifies that the environmental approach of the tourist accommodation or restaurant meets more than a hundred criteria in all areas of sustainable tourism management.