Ecotourism In Corsica: Geothermal Energy At Riva Bella

Ecotourism and geothermal energy

Ground-source heat pumps use the earth's energy to provide heating and hot water for an apartment building, business premises or public places.

Underground collectors extract the natural heat energy from the earth and distribute it to the surface. The pump uses very little electrical power and can, on the other hand, supply a complete air and water heating circuit. The heat can be captured directly from the ground, deep underground, or from the water of a natural area, which is pumped and then reinjected.

This is the case at Riva Bella, where the probes are installed on the salt lake. The site's two heat pumps thus make it possible to heat the premises of the thalassotherapy centre via the underfloor heating system, to supply hot water to the bar and restaurant, a complete sanitary block, as well as the centre's pool and hydromassage baths.

The entire air treatment plant at the Riva Bella thalasso also operates using geothermal energy: a green choice that is part of a sustainable development approach and control of local resources.

The advantages of geothermal energy

Among the many advantages linked to the use of geothermal energy, there are 5 essential points to remember:

A reduced impact on the environment : geothermal heat pumps are incomparable to highly polluting oil and coal-fired boilers. They use a renewable and local resource. They are also less polluting than gas-fired boilers, which are responsible for significant CO2 emissions.

A reduction in bacterial risks : the reversibility of the systems makes it possible to avoid installing air-cooling equipment, thus controlling the health risk of legionnaire's disease.

Less dangerous maintenance operations : technical monitoring, handling and repairs of geothermal heating systems do not constitute a risk comparable to that of gas installations.

The very low electricity consumption of the heat pump : the operation of the pump requires a very small amount of electricity, which is offset by its high performance.

A general reduction in costs : the installation of a geothermal system represents a significant saving of around 75% for Riva Bella.

The natural, local and renewable energy resource is at your disposal!