Naturist Campsite Corsica

Riva Bella's naturist beach in Corsica

Holidays on a naturist beach in Corsica

Become one with nature, and book your stay in our naturist Corsican campsite now. A naturist beach is the meeting place for nature lovers, where nudity remains the watchword for those who practice. In theory, a naturist beach is made official by an institution, usually the municipality (municipal by-laws). It is quite simply a way of living in harmony with nature. It is the French Federation of Naturism which manages and organises the practice on the beaches of France. Come and discover our campsite by the sea – 70 hectares of preserved natural areas by the beach. Lagoon, dune, mountain, sea, a rich and wild ecosystem for dream naturist holidays and escape.

Riva Bella Thalasso & Spa campsite is located on the water's edge, halfway between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia, along a naturist beach near Aléria, the ancient capital of Corsica. Turquoise sea and blue sky meet at Riva Bella. The naturist beach is an invitation to the joys of summer, the air carries the fragrance of maquis scrubland, the lagoon abounds in wild species and I live as in the early days of the world in harmony with the Earth... Open all year round, you have the opportunity to enjoy the beach in all seasons.

A long naturist beach in Corsica

Between Porto-Vecchio and Bastia, the Riva Bella Resort is located directly on the sea.

The naturist beach borders the site, continuing northwards along a dense and deserted maquis scrubland: several kilometres of fine sand and completely wild nature between sea and the maquis...

The naturist beach is limited to the south by the banks of the Terrenzana lagoon, and from afar you can see the Genoese tower of Diana. The beach is bathed by the Mediterranean sun and the Tuscan islands of Pianosa, Elba and Monte Cristo (title of Alexandre Dumas´novel) can be seen on the horizon. A naturist beach in Corsica where sunshine is guaranteed: more than 3000 hours of sunshine per year with a pleasant climate all year round thanks to the sea breeze and the thermal regulation of the salt water lagoon.

Swimming, walking and lazing around on your agenda

Whether you opt for the comfort of beach umbrellas and beach beds, the liveliness of the centre, or if you prefer a quiet place for sunbathing, Riva Bella beach is created for you: swimming, walking and relaxing are on the programme, with an endless view of the horizon.... After swimming, come and enjoy our naturist sauna.

A naturist beach in Corsica in the heart of biodiversity

On the horizon rise the Tuscan islands of Pianosa and Monte Cristo, classified as nature reserves. They benefit from protection measures that prohibit access to them, to the delight of marine and migratory birds.

The Terrenzana lagoon, which is connected with the Riva Bella naturist beach, is classified and protected by the Conservatoire du littoral de Corse. Numerous animal and plant species thrive there, making its banks a festival of biodiversity: fish, shellfish, endemic plants, migratory birds...

Conservation of the dunes

The beach is a rich and specific ecosystem, inhabited by wild species that must be preserved (beach elymus, large-berried juniper, sand daisy...).

Thanks to information provided by the Corsican National Botanical Conservatory, Riva Bella is undertaking a process of revegetation of the dunes with the aim of preserving the integrity of the beach: harvesting of seeds, sowing, cuttings in order to combat erosion, protecting fragile environments and restoring original Corsican species...