Naturist Campsite Corsica

Hammam and Sauna

Naturist Thalasso treatments in Corsica: hammam, sauna, treatments, hydrotherapy à la carte

Thalasso treatments are practised with natural products and Corsican essential oils and performed by our team of professionals. Leave your swimsuit in your accommodation and come and enjoy the seawater swimming pool heated to a temperature of 32°C all year round.

Hydrotherapy (seawater heated to 32°C)

The Marine course : in an idyllic setting, take advantage of the seawater pool heated to 32°C in which you are treated to 9 stations of aquatic massage to relax and get back into shape... all crowned by a sojourn in the open-air jacuzzi (included in the treatment)for a delectable sensation of well-being !

Enjoy the heated pool in summer and winter for optimal comfort and relaxation.

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Open Air Jacuzzi 32°C (not for those sensitive to the cold) 25 min 21 €
Seawater Circuit 25 min 32 €
Tonic Hydromassage Bath, individual 20 min 39 €
Relaxing Yin-Yang Baths for 2 people 20 min 78 €

Hammam (Turkish bath) wellness treatments

The Oriental scrub : always performed inside the thalasso centre in the hammam (as are the other scrubs and all the applications), we execute this scrub with a Morrocan Kessa glove. It eliminates toxins and dead cells, activates blood circulation and refines the skin's texture.
After your exfoliation, go and relax on the beach. Enjoy your (naturist) holidays in Corsica to the full.

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Scrub on warm table (20 min) or in Hammam (30 min including 10 min of scrub) :
Oriental Scrub 44€
Marine Mineral Scrub: Magnesium and Calcium 44€
Dead sea salt Scrub 44€
Theme Scrub : Red grapes, Chocolate, Green tea... 44€
Traditional oriental hammam (max. 1 h) 32€
Choice of Scrubs and Body Wraps on warm table (40 min) 79€
Choice of Scrubs and Body Wraps in Hammam (50 min) 79€
Wrap on warm table (20 min) or in Hammam (30 min including 20 min of wrap):
Relaxing Algae Wrap 44€
Remineralising Algae Wrap 44€
"Special slimming” Algae Wrap 44€
Marine Magnesium Application 44€
Marine Calcium Application 44€
Ghassoul Wrap 44€
Dead sea mud Wrap 44€
Choice of Body Wrap : Red grapes, Chocolate, Green tea… 44€

Relaxing Thalasso treatments

The Salinea Cavitosonic : this new treatment clears the respiratory tract, nourishes the skin and replenishes the body by combining the effects of Corsican essential oils and the famous Ems salt diffused in micro-fog under Wood lamps (blue light). A treatment par excellence that provides a delicious sensation of physical and mental well-being.

Online shop :

Oriental traditional hammam (without treatment) 50 min 32 €
Salinea Cavitosonic 20 min 36 €
Massaging Water Bed 20 min 32 €