Naturist Campsite Corsica

Innovation: Natural Water Treatment!

The "Vortex" effect

Riva Bella in Corsica takes its innovation one step further, with the installation of a new technology based on the natural emission of permanent magnetic waves from an informed porcelain... the structure of the water is modified.

Through the "Vortex" effect, the water is "dynamised" and its natural functions are restored: it regains its self-purification system, releases H²O² (hydrogen peroxide), and is a excellent natural disinfectant.

Its surface tension drops: it becomes even more fluid, hydrates more and allows the cells to get rid of toxins through natural channels.

It is more pleasant to drink: no more buying mineral water in plastic bottles.

On-site cleaning has become much easier, resulting in a reduction of more than 50% in cleaning products.

No more limescale.

Water comes back to life!