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Riva bella's grocery, regional products and Corsican terroir

Riva Bella's grocery shop, a reserve of local Corsican produce

If you are looking for Corsican products, Riva Bella is the place to go! The Riva Bella grocery shop offers you a selection of regional products, a true compendium of the local flavours for which the island's gastronomy is renowned.

Mountain charcuterie and Corsican cheeses to be tasted with a wine from the Eastern plain, game terrines, fish soup, fresh fruit and vegetables from local producers, maquis herbs, hazelnuts, olives...

The sweet products are equally delicious: honey and Corsican almond nougat, AOC honey, hazelnut spread with nuciola de Cervione, tasty and fragrant jams, canistrelli, fruit liqueurs, syrups...

Mavela whisky and chestnut beer from the Pietra brewery are 100% Corsican products. The waters of the Saint George's Pass and Zilia are waters to be discovered, as is the delicate and sparkling Orezza mineral water from Castagniccia, known since antiquity.

You will find all the products you require for your daily needs at the Riva Bella grocery shop, including fresh bread and pastries, the daily press and a gas bottle depot.

Open every day during the season from 8am to 12.30pm and from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.