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Wellness Centre with Corsican Essential Oils

Corsican essential oils: natural organic products to renew you

Rich in a very wide variety of plant and flower essences, the Corsican maquis is a precious reservoir for phototherapy and aromatherapy. Ancestral knowledge has been transmitted from generation to generation to make the most of Corsican flora for alternative medicine, well-being and beauty.

The multifaceted maquis species are distilled to make organic essential oils free of any additives. In fact, all essential oils produced in Corsica from island plants benefit from the "organic agriculture" label. The diversity is simultaneously the richness of Corsican essential oils: fennel, myrtle, rosemary, laricio pine, lavender, mint, immortelle, mastic pistachio, juniper, cypress, eucalyptus and sea fennel are among the outstanding essential oils.

Renowned for their high quality, Corsican essential oils are also produced in a responsible and sustainable way, in particular through precisely regulated harvesting. Preservation of the maquis scrubland and the sustainablity of the precious island plants are priority.

In addition to aromatic plants and plants with medicinal virtues, Corsica is also renowned for its citrus essential oils, extracted from the leaves of the plant or from the peel of the fruit.

The uses of Corsican essential oils are as varied as their essences: they can be used in cosmetics and perfumery, in aromatherapy and pharmacy, but also in cooking! During the extraction of essential oils, floral waters of very high quality are also created.

The benefits of Corsican essential oils

Widely used in aromatherapy, Corsican essential oils have many virtues which are put to good use for your well-being at Riva Bella : in bubble baths, in the hammam, in massage or as skin care, the essences of the maquis possess varied and combinable benefits.

The massage oils of Corsican immortelle, myrtle, eucalyptus and lavender exude respiratory benefits. Pistachio mastic, mint, immortelle and cypress relieve heavy legs by stimulating venous circulation and bringing freshness. The essential oil of Corsican lemon possesses anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, while dwarf juniper is known for its anti-rheumatic properties. The mastic pistachio has a decongestant action, while the small clementine seed possesses relaxing effects.

The mastic pistachio tree has a decongestant action, and the small clementine grain has relaxing effects. These are all virtues that will bring you relaxation and well-being during your treatments at the Riva Bella thalassotherapy centre.