Eco friendly practices

The bungalows at Riva Bella are built using eco-design. From the natural algae-based paint to the materials used that respect the environment, the bungalows are built using processes that involve low energy expenditure: rock wool insulation, thermo-reflector blinds that keep the accommodation cool and avoid the use of air conditioning, windows with double glazing, silent ceiling fans with low energy consumption, A+ type household appliances, LED bulbs.

At Riva Bella, lawnmowers have hair! And yes, it is the 60 llamas living on the estate who take care of the mowing of the green spaces. A natural, silent and quite original process!

At Riva Bella, customers are made aware from the moment they arrive of the eco-friendly gestures that make holidays even more enjoyable: use of natural composters, encouraging people to put their journeys on the car-sharing board, giving peelings and dry bread to the llamas and donkeys. Whether on the application, on the arrival sheet or on the various information boards, everyone knows how to give the environment a helping hand.

The Riva Bella Kid's Club is eco-friendly! The children learn how to create natural paint using natural dyes and flour. Decorations are made from natural elements found on the estate: driftwood, branches, sand. Environmental awareness is raised during the activities: herbarium, discovery of the flavours of the scrubland, discovery of the surrounding hiking trails and wildlife. On the programme: land art, sand sculpture, natural painting, creation of driftwood rafts, salt dough! Fun guaranteed 100% ecological.

The Côté Plage restaurant at Riva Bella brings together flavours and ingredients from Corsica: limited food miles, guaranteed freshness, paid local farmers. A short circuit process that will awaken everyone's taste buds thanks to local products such as Brocciu, olives, charcuterie, etc.

At Riva Bella, water management is at the heart of the concerns. The resort has put in place various actions to avoid wastage while allowing guests to benefit from rich, drinking water on the site: geothermal energy (process of heating the water in the sanitary facilities and the thalassotherapy centre by the heat accumulated in the soil), solar water heaters on certain bungalows, restructuring of the water by a vortex phenomenon. We encourage our clients to drink tap water: an economic tip to avoid plastic bottles!

The Riva Bella Flavour Garden is available to guests who wish to season their small dishes with organic Corsican herbs: help yourself to Nepita mint, Persia, rosemary, sage, basil, etc! The vegetable garden is just a stone's throw away from your holiday accommodation!

Riva Bella supports and gets involved in local associations in order to learn about current environmental practices. Umani: initiatives and actions promoting the natural, cultural and human heritage, starting from the local level, in the exchange of experiences, in relation to the major challenges facing mankind and the planet. Ecotourism in Eastern Corsica: This is a network of professionals committed to sustainable tourism who respect a common charter. These committed players have joined together to create a common dynamic and to enhance their offer by giving it visibility while sharing the values of authenticity and respect that they defend. Riva Bella has been awarded the Green Key label for its commitment to the environment and is in the process of being awarded the Ecolabel.

The Thalasso & Spa Resort offers you treatments with aromatic plants and citrus fruits from organic farming. In order to ensure your well-being without compromising that of the planet, the Spa centre uses treatment and massage products guaranteed free of parabens, preservatives, colouring agents or synthetic fragrances. Natural well-being!

Riva Bella's technical and maintenance staff use electric carts or even bicycles: silent and ecological means!