France 4 Naturisme

6 naturist resorts in France

6 naturist resorts in France that come together to promote healthy, family-friendly naturism. Because to live naked is to live in symbiosis with oneself, one's body and one's environment. France 4 Naturisme offers you 6 naturist holiday destinations in France, to live your naturism in complete freedom and safety. Sea, ocean, naturist beach, mountain, forest, river, you will discover a wide choice of naturist holidays, to live according to your desires and your tastes. But also, naturist swimming pools, balneo, spa and thalasso await you, for your relaxation and well-being.

Each naturist campsite village is located on privileged natural sites, where beauty and charm compete with each other. Because in a France 4 Naturisme resort, you are in the heart of nature, authentic and preserved.

And so that this naturist land is always yours, we make sure that everyone lives there with respect. Respect for nature by knowing how to preserve it, respect for others by knowing how to be discreet and courteous. Because to live nature is also to know how to share it. A personal approach, essential to any authentic encounter.

Living your naturism

Each naturist area is spacious and comfortable, and has been designed with respect for the environment. Through all its naturist centres, France 4 Naturisme offers you the opportunity to experience naturism that is faithful to its values, during your holidays. Because to be a naturist is to know how to stay authentic...

  • Naturism is respect: being tolerant and respectful of others, but also being responsible
  • Naturism is generosity: knowing how to share your space, your knowledge, your smile, and go beyond social conventions and differences...
  • Naturism is about openness: welcoming others, and yourself, listening to others, in a harmonious and healthy practice of naturism.
  • Naturism is freedom: to live your naturism in your own way and at your own pace, forgetting preconceived ideas... If I'm cold or want to do sport, I have the right to get dressed...

So that everyone can live their nudity in complete serenity, every France 4 Naturisme holiday village undertakes to maintain impeccable cleanliness in all areas and to be particularly vigilant in correcting behaviour.

France 4 Naturisme: naturist holidays with the family

To be a naturist is the will to live in osmosis with nature, respecting the environment and others. The naturist campsite villages favour a family atmosphere and everything is done so that everyone can experience their nudity in a spirit of conviviality.

A paradise for the family, as much for parents as for children, a naturist camping village lives like a real village with its colours, its rhythm and its traditions to be discovered and shared. Each campsite comes alive from the inside with its regulars who introduce newcomers and newcomers who bring ideas. And then, there are the animations organized to share the evening party together, in a good mood.

France 4 Naturisme, is discovering the regions of France through naturism.

For your naturist holidays in France, you dream of waves, naturist beaches and warm sand, cicadas and lavender, turquoise waters and limpid bottoms, nonchalant rivers and steep cliffs... From the North to the South of France, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea, from the Pyrenees to the Southern Alps, from the mountains to the plain, from the scrub to the pine forest, in Provence, in the French Riviera Valley, in the Luberon, in Languedoc Roussillon, in the Var, in Ardèche, in Corsica, in the Landes, in Gascony, in the Gironde, in the Médoc, in Vendée, in Paris, you choose your naturist destination, and your atmosphere.