Naturist Campsite Corsica

Ecotourism in Corsica: solar energy at Riva Bella

Installation of thermal solar panels

Thermal solar panels enable domestic water to be heated directly from the sun's energy: collector panels on the sanitary block roofs absorb the sun's heat and release it to heat the water circuit.

The heat-transfer fluid converts solar radiation into thermal energy. The purpose of solar thermal panels is not to produce electricity or to sell it, as is the case with photovoltaic solar panels, but solely for heating purposes: they heat the air in a room, domestic water or swimming pool water. In Corsica, thermal solar panels can cover more than 80% of needs thanks to the exceptional number of hours of sunshine of the Mediterranean climate.

The aim of the installation is to make significant energy savings, as part of a commitment to the environment.

At Riva Bella, the solar panels are directly connected to the hot water tanks, whose contents they heat. The panels are discreetly mounted on the roofs of the installations and are treated with an anti-reflective coating to avoid annoying and unattractive glare. A gas boiler can be used as a backup to make up for the overflow of water heated by solar energy.

Why use solar thermal equipment ?

The use of a renewable energy of which Corsica is rich: the sun! A free resource, and presents an average of 119 days per year on the Bastia side. The reduction in the consumption of polluting fossil fuels such as gas: more than 80% of the year's hot water can be produced solely thanks to the sun.

The reduction of greenhouse gases with, for the Riva Bella establishment alone, the avoided release of several tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Financial savings, allowing investment in other clean and sustainable energy systems, or in new on-site comfort equipment. In particular, maintenance costs are very low for a solar thermal system.

Discreet integration on the roofs, which preserves the aesthetics of our structures and the privileged natural setting of Riva Bella.