Naturist Campsite Corsica

Riva Bella naturist estate, a family story

Between the Mediterranean and the Corsican maquis, the Riva Bella **** naturist holiday village is described as “a paradise on earth” by its customers…

By the sea or around the Terrenzana pond, the accommodation is comfortable and elegant. A vast fine sand beach runs alongside a crystal clear blue sea. “We wake up early to see the sun rise.” The Riva Bella Naturist Holiday Village is also a restaurant, a thalassotherapy center and areas dedicated to outdoor leisure activities. A harmonious ensemble which merges with preserved wild fauna and flora.

In this ecosystem, the change of scenery is total. This alchemy is no coincidence. The Riva Bella estate exists thanks to the will, courage and perseverance of the Pasqual family and their collaborators. A team dedicated to the well-being of vacationers, who return with their families every year, for several generations.

Did you know ?
The Domaine de Riva Bella is :

  • 79 hectares of pure nature ;
  • A panoramic view of the Mediterranean ;
  • A professional, multilingual and available team ;
  • A desire to protect the environment (European tourism ecolabel) ;
  • A large choice of accommodation (Camping Quality Label) ;
  • A great restaurant, an exceptional Thalasso & Spa Resort ;
  • A unique naturist experience ;
  • Activities for young and old ;
  • A sports coach all year round ;
  • Several kilometers of fitness trail ;
  • An animal park with llamas, Corsican donkeys…
1964, a road to the beach

Riva Bella

Halfway between Bastia and Porto-Vecchio, the name “Riva Bella” is lost in the mists of time. Perhaps the area was already called that in ancient times. The neighboring city of Aléria was then the Roman capital in Corsica. A prosperous region that radiated throughout the Mediterranean.

The Pasqual family

The Pasqual family became the owner of the estate in 1963. At that time, the land was entirely covered with maquis. However, in the eyes of the couple, Arlette and Noël, the potential is obvious. In their lively and creative minds, projects come together. They finally decide to start by creating a road to the beach. It is now tarred.

1965, birth of the campsite

Warm and affable, Marie-Noëlle, the eldest daughter, evokes her father with tenderness and admiration. She describes a curious, tireless and daring man. An agronomist and versatile engineer by trade, Noël undertook to develop the estate without distorting it. After obtaining building permits and with the help of his colleagues, he built the toilets, the restaurant and bungalows by the sea. The campsite was born.

Seaside restaurant

Smiling and cordial, Marie-Claire is the youngest of the family and the current manager of the Domaine de Riva Bella. She insists on the major role played by Arlette, her mother. She describes a warm, welcoming and talented person.

It was she who, in the seaside restaurant, offered authentic, family-style meals. She brought her customers together around paellas, couscous, bouillabaisses or even delicious stuffings…

Mom cooked good products with love and passion

In the 1960s, it took 2.5 hours to go from Bastia to Riva Bella (only 1 hour is enough today). However, whenever the weather permitted, Bastia customers made the trip to taste Arlette's cuisine.

Since then, the Domaine de Riva Bella has remained true to its spirit. The team continues to promote local products and offer quality catering. Indeed, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, wine, seafood, chestnut flour and olives come from sustainable or organic farming. A method of cultivation, production and processing that respects the island environment.

1967, the beginnings of naturism

At the end of the week, the restaurant was always full but was directly dependent on the weather. When the weather was bad, the Bastia clientele did not come. To bring the place to life, other activities had to be imagined and implemented…

The values of naturism

Alongside this dilemma, a few naturists were camping on the estate and discreetly enjoying the beach.

People came in campers and stood naked on the beach. The place was wild and propitious

An idea was maturing. In reality, it was more than an idea. In the inventive and open mind of the Pasqual family, the philosophy of “living naked” began to arouse real interest.

Indeed, the Pasqual share many values with naturism :

  • A way of life in harmony with nature;
  • The respect of environment; Social relations based on tolerance and sharing; Respect for others, courtesy and discretion…
For us naturists, getting naked is second nature, it's simple, pleasant and so natural…

A large choice of accommodation

In collaboration with travel agencies, the project is taking shape. Gradually, families practicing naturism discovered the area. To meet their needs, new bungalows and villas are built. However, despite the ever-increasing number of vacationers, the configuration and size of the area (79 hectares) are such that everyone feels comfortable there.

Various categories of accommodation for a human-sized family campsite : 

  • Camping pitches for tents, caravans and motorhomes ;
  • Mobile homes and lodges ;
  • Eco-designed bungalows, villas and chalets… 

Sustainable water management

Sustainable water management is quickly becoming necessary. Indeed, it appears essential to ensure access to quality water. A system concerned with protecting biodiversity.

However, sustainable water management is a complex concept that involves economic, social and ecological issues :

  • Reasonable uses of water
  • Access to quality water
  • Preservation of water resources

Despite the difficulties, the challenge was quickly met. Before being distributed in the accommodation and in the restaurant, the estate's spring water is subjected to the Vortex effect. A dynamic technique which consists of turning water in a whirlpool so that it regains all its potential and its vital properties. Better oxygenated, it is cleaned, purified and regenerated. High-quality, living water is thus made available.

We have a Vortex with porcelain which makes this water computerized and alive. It is wetter and has great properties, it is very pleasant. This is what flows everywhere, for flowers too. It brings them a lot more.


European tourism ecolabel: “Signs of excellence, ecolabels guarantee a high level of requirements in terms of limiting the impacts of products and services on the environment and health, while maintaining their level of performance.”

Label Camping Qualité : “Our campsites with the Camping Qualité label guarantee you exceptional services, emphasizing a warm welcome, cleanliness, information, and respect for the environment...”

Other labels : Qualité tourisme, Travellers’choice tripadvisor, Eco-tourisme Corse orientale.

1988, the arrival of new gardeners, the llamas

Continuing its commitment to ecotourism, the Domaine de Riva Bella adopts precious gardeners, the llamas. Originally from Chile, they arrived in France by cargo plane and adapted perfectly to the seaside climate.

Ecotourism and engagement

Emblem of the estate, gentle, curious and sociable, around sixty llamas move freely. Their numerous movements help to aerate the soil and fertilize it. In addition, they feed on what they find in the scrub: brambles, oak leaves, arbutus, pine needles, juniper, etc.

Thus, they naturally contribute to maintenance, save energy and effectively prevent fire risks.

1989 Membership of the France 4 Naturism Network

At the Riva Bella naturist estate, the experience was so positive that joining the France 4 Naturism Network was an obvious choice.

Indeed, naturism is more than a way of life. It’s a philosophy that is gaining more and more followers. An increasingly diverse and increasingly young audience.

Where does this success come from?

This simply comes from the feeling of freedom that naturism provides. Without clothes, social differences disappear. Social relations become harmonious and tend towards respect and tolerance. So many elements that positively influence the body and mind.

Healthy and family naturism

Joining the France 4 Naturism Network means committing to the largest provider of naturist holidays in France. A group which, today, offers seven family vacation destinations in the **** and ***** categories. For the vacationer, this is a real guarantee of quality.

2001 The beginnings of the Thalasso & Spa Resort in Haute-Corse

The oriental hammam

On the beach and as an extension of the tranquility offered by the area, a space dedicated to well-being has been created. It all starts with a balneotherapy center. A traditional oriental hammam is created. In fragrant heat, its steam bath provides a truly deep feeling of relaxation. In addition, the presence of zellige, an ornamental mosaic, contributes to the authenticity of the place.

Scrubs, wraps and relaxation

Among other relaxing treatments, dead sea salt scrubs or remineralizing seaweed wraps are offered. Later, after the treatment, infusions made from Corsican aromatic plants are served in an oriental lounge where the space and comfort of the cushions provide the most complete rest.

A privilege in the heart of nature

Over time, the spa is expanded and the treatment menu is expanded. The space dedicated to well-being offers an ever-widening range of massages, beauty treatments and relaxation. A privilege in the heart of nature.

Our leitmotif is kindness, supporting the customer, helping them if they need anything. Guide him. We are very attentive. I find it very important because nowadays many places are similar. What has changed above all is the quality of service and the little touches. Kindness. It’s good to feel a little cocooned, a little welcomed.. - Marie-Claire

Thalassotherapy & Spa Resort

Finally, in 2003, the heated and inaugurated marine course and the switch to sea water for all treatments was implemented. Gentle bath, invigorating hydromassage bath and open-air jacuzzi complete the marine hydrotherapy treatments. The 500m2 dedicated to well-being officially become a thalassotherapy center.

2013 Installation of geothermal energy

Why did you use geothermal energy ?

It was my father who told me about it. He discovered it in a spa center in Germany where it is very common, including pond geothermal energy of which we are almost the only example in France. This was part of our approach, a sustainable development approach offering environmentally friendly tourism. - Marie-Claire

Eco-responsible management

Indeed, it is with a constant concern for eco-responsible management of the estate that a geothermal system is installed. Heat pumps and submerged probes make it possible to capture the calories generated by the pond. This energy thus made available supplies the distribution networks with heating and domestic hot water. The restaurant, accommodation and thalassotherapy (bath water and marine trail) can thus benefit from this available resource.

Installation of geothermal energy, a positive result :

  • Abandoning propane gas heating ;
  • Reduction of energy costs ;
  • Use of renewable energies ;
  • Environmental gain: 3.37 tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided per year (ADEME: Ecological Transition Agency) ;
  • Creation of local jobs ;

Riva Bella: a professional, multilingual and available team

What this story tells us is that the Riva Bella holiday and spa village is not just a family story. It’s really about professionalism and commitment. Behind the smile and friendliness of the receptionists hide many other personalities, many other smiles...

A multidisciplinary and united team

The essential technicians and cleaning agents who maintain the estate. Sports teams. The Thalasso staff. Artists and artisan potters, ceramists and watercolorists. Without forgetting Carlo, the essential usher of the campsite.

Testimonial from Brigitte, Receptionist :

I have worked at Riva Bella for 15 years. The most appreciable thing is the atmosphere that reigns between the members of the staff! Between colleagues, it's fraternal and jovial: we always have a little laugh. With Marie-Claire, my director, our relationship is complicit and relaxed: we understand each other with a glance! It’s truly exceptional! What is gratifying are the exchanges we have with our customers, all of whom are very friendly. Our discussions are varied and lively, due to the different nationalities. For all this, I will not change my place with anyone else !

Encouragement, modernity and connection

Management attaches great importance to the people who make up its staff. She welcomes them, listens to them and supports them. Particular attention is paid to their needs, ideas and initiatives.

May they be happy in what they do

Valentin’s journey is a great example of this open-mindedness. Arriving in the company in 2018, he combines reception activities with that of communications officer, coordinator and music programmer. Among other innovations, the young man created the very useful map of the estate and participated in updating communication tools. Valentin demonstrates true teamwork:

With new means of communication, in the different areas of activity, we know each other and we work more together. That's nice. We have moved from very traditional management of the activity to team work. We benefit from discussion platforms and we are interested in environmental issues. We try to understand, to push our thoughts. We sit around a table and say to ourselves: What are we actually doing? What remains to be done? We have action plans and a common vision.


Finally, the third generation of Pasqual family is present in the team. Marie-Claire’s daughters are now participating in the collective adventure. Maëva joined the reception and Sabrina manages the Thalasso, maintaining the mindset of the first and second generations.

The future of the Domaine de Riva Bella

The challenge today is to :

  • Continue to preserve the site and protect the endemic species that flourish there. Holm oaks, cork oaks, mastic trees, arbutus trees, myrtles, macrocarpa Phoenician junipers…

    It is a natural site, there are no walls, barriers, no limits.
    The eye can look far away. It's important that it stays natural.
  • Maintain fitness trails and maintain a range of quality activities: sauna and free coach all year round, archery, art workshops, children's club, etc.
  • Set up new activities : theater classes, board games, etc.
  • Maintain great diversity in the musical programming: jazz, rock, Corsican singing, DJ, reggae, salsa, etc.
  • Continue to accompany and guide vacationers. Encourage them to discover local artisans and the treasures of Corsica: The citadels of Bastia, Bonifacio and Calvi. The various archaeological sites including that of Aléria which is nearby, the wildest hiking trails. Natural swimming pools, baths and other beaches…
  • Reduce electricity costs and turn to photovoltaics ;
  • Complete the extent of fiber optic internet access in 2024 ;
  • Develop activities all year round and introduce people to the area during the late season, which is a non-naturist period. This extends from November to April. It offers all the magic of the colors of autumn and the arrival of the pink flamingos. Without forgetting the gentleness of the sunrise over the sea in winter…
You always have to go with the times and see what comes out of it.