The GR20 in Corsica!

Relax after the GR20, the Mare a Mare, the Mare e Monti or the shepherds path at Riva Bella Spa & Thalasso

The GR20 is the mythical hiking trail that crosses Corsica from north to south from Calenzana to Conca, passing by the famous Aiguilles de Bavella, the Capitellu lake, the Pozzis or the Nino lake.

The GR20 is about 16 days of walking in the high mountains, nights in refuges, breathtaking panoramas, it is obviously a physical challenge that requires a good preparation.

The whole team at Riva Bella in Corsica is at your service to pamper you, to offer you body, foot and back massages and to make you forget the pains you may have felt during the GR20.

The little hands of the thalasso's beauticians are at your service to get you back into shape: relaxing massages, ayurvedic massages, a beauty makeover with body and facial treatments or a new haircut at the hairdressing salon.
Randonnée GR20 Corse
The Mare a Mare or the Mare e Monti are also long hikes in Corsica, cousins of the GR20, they allow you to discover the Corsican mountain tops from east to west (and vice versa). Whether it is for the Mare a Mare or the Mare e Monti, refuges allow you to spend the night or to eat.

Often of modest comfort, we recommend that you extend your stay in Corsica with a relaxing stopover at Riva Bella to see Corsica in a different way from the sea rather than from the mountains this time.

Riva Bella Resort is also an opportunity to spend a few days relaxing, in the middle of nature, by the sea, and to take care of you a little after that long hike.

No need to move, there is everything on the spot: restaurant, fitness club, yoga classes, spa and thalasso treatments, massages, sauna, hammam, jacuzzi, and a beach of more than a kilometre to relax.

After spending nights in huts and tents during the GR20 or Mare e Monti, you will surely need a good bed to relax in.

We offer different categories of accommodation, from the most economical to the most luxurious, with bio-comfort mattresses, ideal for a good night's sleep after your hike on the top of Corsica.

You can also take advantage of half or full board basis in the restaurant to change from the quick meals while hiking.

No need to carry anything in your rucksack, no more problems with the stove, in the restaurant small dishes will be prepared and served to you by the sea.

From April to November, the Riva Bella domain is naturist. No more thermal clothing that sticks to the skin, no more discomfort of warm clothes, no more worries about washing clothes, at Riva Bella, live simply in the simplest way.

After the GR20, the Mare a Mare or the Mare Monti is surely the opportunity to free yourself from the constraints (and the backpack) and to discover naturism.

On the beach, it is compulsory for adults to be naked and on the resort, you choose what suits you best. In the restaurant, however, you must be clothed.

Do you still have energy left after the GR20, the Mare a Mare or the Mare Monti? Take part in the sports classes supervised by Jérôme: fitness, Pilates, abdos Fessiers, fitball, or practice aquagym at the thalasso and spa centre.

Discover the surroundings of Riva Bella by walking along the hiking trails near the ponds and in the maquis. Much shorter than the GR20 or the Mare a Mare opu, these paths will offer you an olfactory experience and a discovery of the Corsican fauna and flora.