Naturist Campsite Corsica


Exceptional land, natural cosmetics

Nestled between the sea and the mountains, the Solyvia estate is exceptionally situated: 70 hectares bordering the Urbinu lagoon, a classified site protected by the Coastline Conservatory. A domain bathed by the sea air and the Mediterranean sun which produces 100% natural cosmetics.

The aromatic ingredients used to manufacture Solyvia cosmetics are produced on-site: an orchard of organically grown citrus fruits (citron, mandarine, lime, lemon, pomelo, kumquat...) and wild and endemic maquis plants harvested in accordance with the Corsican Charter for the collection of aromatic and medicinal plants(immortelle, rockrose, wild carrot, myrtle, olive, rosemary, arbutus, broadleaf plantain, St. John's wort, pot marigold, etc.). Naturally-filtered seawater is used as the basis for the cosmetic preparations.

Solyvia, just a few kilometres from our Corsican naturist campsite, offers a wide range of organic-certified cosmetics infused with Corsican essential oils: roll-ons, balms, facial care, perfumes, etc. Simple, practical and natural products for everyday use.