Naturist Campsite Corsica

"Essences Naturelles Corses", organic cosmetics

Corsican organic cosmetics used for aromatherapy

The von Keyserlingk family has been present on the Bordeo farm on the eastern coast of Corsica since 1961. 30 minutes from the Corsican naturist campsite, they cultivate various aromatic plants and citrus fruits in accordance with the rules of organic farming on the 20-hectare estate.

Using natural and traditional methods, the family enterprise extracts the best aromas and perfumed components from the organic, wild or Demeter plants mostly cultivated on-site and then transformed in the in-house distillery and laboratory. Essences Naturelles Corses' expertise resides in the use of artisanal recipes derived from the perfumery tradition to extract olfactory bodies with exceptionally rich and pure aromas from Corsican flora.

Not only producing exceptional Ecocert- and Demeter-certified essential oils, natural extracts and well-being products, Essences Naturelles Corses has been committed to the preservation of Corsican flora since it was founded. It has also contributed to drawing up the Corsican aromatic and medicinal plant harvesting charter.

The Bordeo organic farm is open for guided tours of the aromatic garden as well as the transformation workshop from June to September. Products available to purchase on-site all year round.

Facing the bay of Calvi in the Balagne region, the beautiful village of Lumio is home to Astratella, a family-run distillery. Botanical species certification and organic labeling of the essential oil allow us to offer a whole range of cosmetic products comprising ingredients from organic agriculture to ensure the consumer receives the highest quality for health and well-being.

Pascale Chérubin was the first woman to grow the famous immortelle flowers. Today, she owns seven hectares in Corsica, in the fertile plain of Fium'orbu, where she cultivates this flower with exceptional properties.

Pascale has been working with L'OCCITANE since 2006, using organic farming methods to produce the immortelle flowers. These are then distilled into essential oil, which is used in some of her products, especially her anti-ageing creams.

Réalia, a green paradise in Corsica. On the Costa Verde, REALIA manages 3 hectares of olive trees as well as a small family culture of perfume, aromatic and medicinal plants. Its creator, Muriel CRESTEY, an agricultural engineer by training, is also a cosmetologist.

Finally, at the Sorbelle farm, in Antisanti on the eastern coast, agriculture is inspired by nature. On 4 hectares you will find aromatic plants, olive and fruit trees, jojoba and other curiosities. The distillation of essential oils is performed with solar energy.

All the products of these different producers are used in the aromatherapy, beauty treatments and massages of the Riva Bella thalassotherapy centre.

If you would like to learn more, the above-mentioned organic farms will be happy to open their doors to you for a guided tour of their aromatic garden and their processing studio.