Naturist Campsite Corsica

Corsica Umani

Umani Corsican Foundation (Umani Fondazione di Corsica), was born in 2002 out of an intergenerational desire to work for the general interests and development of the Corsican region. The association brings together the financial and human resources necessary for the functioning of the Foundation. The actions of the foundation are related to the 5 main thematic programmes in which it is invested: the protection of the environment and rurality; the promotion and the conservation of the Corsican language; the transmission of knowledge; the development of a culture of non-violence; solidarity with other regions. All values shared by our naturist establishment in Corsica.

The foundation initiates, organises or supports private and public actions in line with its 5 major thematic projects. Within the framework of the Terranea programme, it has, for example, established partnerships with local associations for the preservation of ancient chestnut groves or the maintenance of ancestral crops such as the Siscu onion. The partnership with the Borgu agricultural high school sustains investment of young people in organic farming, while that with numerous organisations is for safeguarding the Corsican goat breed and the sustainability of goat farms in the area.

The foundation is the initiator or partner of numerous events, recurring conferences, festivals, exhibitions and cultural projects, notably in the framework of its programme "l'università di l'omu" (University of the Human Being). For the promotion of the Corsican language, the foundation has created a participative platform aiming at listing and making available to users texts spoken or written in Corsican. The Tradilingue programme encourages initiatives to translate works from all over the world into Corsican. Finally, the Foundation supports altruistic and humanist projects, both local and international, from emergency aid paid to shepherds affected by the fires in Corsica in 2018 to the fight against slave labour in Brazil, as well as support for the Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque association in its work with sick children in Madagascar.