Camping naturista Córcega

Hazelnuts in Corsica, "Nuciola di Cervioni"

Hazelnut farming first began in Cervione at the beginning of the XXth century, replacing citron culture. The variety cultivated in a traditional manner is the "common hazel", known for the concentration of its flavour and high quality of taste.

The Cervione region is naturally favourable to hazel farming: the sea winds gently dry the produce, the slightly acidic soil and the coolness and proximity of the sea give the Cervione hazelnut a naturally flavoursome taste.

Today, Cervione's orchards produce 53 tonnes of hazelnuts a year, which are exported all over the world. The "Nuciola di Cervioni" or Cervione Hazelnut benefits from the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).

TIn the Hazelnut Workshop, the Cervione Hazelnut is transformed into natural and delicious spreads, meringues, sweets and chocolate, paste, powder or simply shelled, salted or sugared. Cervione Hazelnuts are also used to produce nut oil by first cold pressing and is sought after for its flavour and cosmetic properties.