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Terrenzana Trail

Naturistcamping i Frankrike, platser, möblerade tält
Fyrstjärnig turistanläggning för naturister i Frankrike
Thalassocenter för naturister

The "Path of ponds" of Diana and Terrenzana

The Path of ponds of Diana and Terrenzana

In the immediate vicinity of the Holiday Village of Riva Bella in Corsica, the "Path of ponds" of Diana and Terrenzana allows you to walk in an original landscape typical of the Eastern Plain of Corsica: the salt ponds of the seaside.

With a budget of 390 000 € financed 60% by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), this path has been fully developed by the Conservatoire du Littoral of Corsica, in a concern for sustainable development and environmental preservation.

It proposes a hike of 3 hours approximately without particular difficulties. Several courses are possible, the departure can be done on foot from Riva Bella, or from the 3 car parks located at different stages of the path, for less durations.

The hilly trail winds between sea, ponds and maquis, to arrive at a natural plateau that offers remarkable views to observe nature, wild flora and fauna that consists mainly of water birds (note the presence many migratory bird species in the fall and spring). Tables of interpretation of the landscape arranged along the walk you discover the history and culture of the place, area of ​​fishermen and oyster farmers since ancient times.

Le sentier des étangs en Corse, étangs de Diane et Terrenzana
Le sentier des étangs en Corse, carte
Le sentier des étangs en Corse, panorama
Le sentier des étangs en Corse, tables

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