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"Essences Naturelles Corses", essential oils, natural extracts and organic cosmetics...

Camping naturista na França, vagas, barracas mobiliadas
Casa de temporada 4 estrelas para turismo naturista na França
O Centro de Talassoterapia naturista

"Essences Naturelles Corses", organic cosmetics

Essences Naturelles Corses, organic cosmetics

    Corsican organic cosmetics used for aromatherapy

Present since 1961 on the eastern plain, the Von Keyserlingk family works the Bordeo farm, 20 hectares of aromatic and citrus plants farmed using organic farming techniques to produce aromas and fragrant compositions by a natural and traditional process.

Plants are cultivated then transformed in the distillery and laboratory on the site. Essences Naturelles Corses' expertise resides in the use of artisanal recipes derived from the perfumery tradition to extract olfactory bodies with exceptionally rich and pure aromas from Corsican flora. These exceptional products accompany the aromatherapy treatments provided at Riva Bella's Thalassotherapy Spa.

Essential oils, natural extracts, well-being products, Essences Naturelles Corses offers a range of Ecocert- and Demeter-certified natural products, available for sale online or at the farm.

Since its beginning, Essences Naturelles Corses has been committed to the preservation of Corsican flora. This company has also contributed to drawing up the Corsican aromatic and medicinal plant harvesting charter.

The Bordeo organic farm is open for guided tours of the aromatic garden as well as the transformation workshop from June to September. Products available to purchase on-site all year round.

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