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"Lana Corsa", the traditional Corsican wool weaving workshop, is located at Saliceto, Upper Corsica...

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"Lana Corsa"

The Lana Corsa workshop perpetuates the tradition of weaving Corsican ewe's wool...

    Lana Corsa, traditional Corsican wool weaving workshop

"Lana Corsa" perpetuates the tradition of weaving Corsican ewe's wool. These ewes have adapted to the island's climate and have a very heavy coat which provides solid, impermeable and warm wool. Naturally white, beige or black, the wool's hue varies from year to year. Natural or dyed using natural pigments, the wool is worked on an authentic wooden weaving loom using techniques passed on through generations. Whether woven or knitted, each item is unique.

Lana Corsa has been working to promote Corsican ewe's wool for 30 years. Initially as a spinning mill, then by directly creating wool products such as coats, jumpers, rugs and covers, all available in the site's shop. Visits are organised to discover the wool trade: workshop with weaving looms of all ages and various period machinery, the park with Corsican ewes, merinos and dwarf goats, and the garden with dye-producing plants. Practical classes offer initiation to weaving and felting wool.

Part of Riva Bella's lama wool is donated to Lana Corsa, which organises transformation workshops for this wool. Lama wool is warm, soft, light, hypoallergenic, odourless and a very good insulator. It does not contain suint and can therefore be worked without prior cleaning.

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