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All shops are open from April the 1st to November the 5th

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Dress-code Naturism Riva Bella

Dress-code Naturism à Riva Bella

At Riva Bella, we remain deeply committed to our naturist commitment and ask that you please respect our code of etiquette in all circumstances:

• April 1 to November 5, the entire range of Riva Bella is exclusively naturist for all adults to ensure the natural and the welfare of each

• this obligation nudity does not apply to children or teenagers if their modesty prevents

• at Bar-Restaurant and Self-Service: Wearing shorts or a sarong compulsory for all

• the gym and yoga are practiced in shorts, water aerobics (in a saltwater pool in the Thalasso) jersey

• south of the beach of Bella Riva, 300 m from the Thalasso, is the beach of Tallone, the Conservatoire du Littoral; it is not naturist. Although uncrowded, please nudists to cover if they walk about ...

• this range of Tallone allows those living first nudist vacation experience to integrate progressively ...

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