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Solyvia, a remarkable region for a range of organic cosmetics infused with Corsican essential oils...

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Solyvia Cosmetics

Solyvia Cosmetics

    Exceptional land
    for natural cosmetics

Between the sea and the mountains, the Solyvia domain is ideally situated: 70 hectares bordering the Urbinu lagoon, a classified site protected by the Coastline Conservatory. A domain bathed in sea air and the Mediterranean sun, producing 100% natural cosmetics.

The aromatic principles used to manufacture Solyvia cosmetics are produced on-site: a citrus grove farmed using organic farming methods (Citron, Mandarin, Lime, Lemon, Pomelo, Kumquat...) and wild plants from the maquis (thicket), endemic species gathered in compliance with the Corsican aromatic and medicinal plant harvesting charter. Naturally-filtered seawater is used as a basis for cosmetic preparations.

Solyvia offers a wide range of organic-certified cosmetics infused with Corsican essential oils: roll-ons, balms, facial care, perfumes…, simple, practical and natural products for everyday use.

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