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Riva Bella dans "Zone Interdite" sur M6 ... à voir et à revoir selon le lien suivant !!!

Information and news about Riva Bella Naturism in Corsica, ecotourism, campsite, holiday complex and Seawater Spa...

Naturistické kempování ve Francii, umístění, zařízené stany
Francouzská turistická rezidence pro naturisty se 4 hvězdičkami
Naturistické centrum thalassoterapie v Riva Bella

Les actualités de Riva Bella Naturiste en Corse

Information and news about Riva Bella Naturism in Corsica, ecotourism, campsite, holiday complex and Seawater Spa on the naturist beach...

    New !

• The pond trail
The "Diana Trail" and the "Terrenzana Trail", two marked hiking trails, offered by the Conservatoire du Littoral overlooking the site of Riva Bella, to discover the nature, fauna and flora of Corsica. The departure is 500m from the Thalasso going south.
Info, photos, access map:

•Riva Bella Naturist in Corsica is now a 4-star Holyday village.

    Riva Bella's naturist campsite in Corsica

• The Riva Bella naturist campsite in Corsica is now a 4-star Campsite.

• New naturist rented accommodation for ecologists:
Live close to Nature and spend your holidays and summer nights both outdoors and in...

The Costa Verde nature lodge for 4 to 6 people: a furnished naturist canvas bungalow, our new generation of "great outdoors" mobile home with wooden structure and lodge tent.

The FILETTA furnished naturist canvas bungalow for 2 to 4 people: naturist bungalow resembling a "small chalet", measuring 16 m2: wooden structure and canvas roof. Located approximately 80 m from the sea. With washroom.

    The Riva Bella naturist holiday complex in Corsica

• The Alba bungalows, Oriente bungalows and the Onda villas have been renovated.

• The naturist holiday complex is now classed as a 3-star holiday complex.

• New kitchens and king-size beds in the ALBA and ORIENTE naturist accommodation.

• Our naturist rented accommodation includes an outdoor shower to improve comfort and keep the inside of your rented naturist accommodation clean.

    Ecotourism at Riva Bella Naturist in Corsica

• The Alba and Oriente naturist bungalows, Onda naturist mini-villas and Filetta furnished naturist canvas bungalows are equipped with solar-powered water heaters.

• Riva Bella Naturist in Corsica adheres to an ethical and responsible process that prioritises the well-being of man and nature. Riva Bella Naturist, increasingly "green".

• Installation of waste sorting points.

• Geothermal heating system: GEOTHERMAL ENERGY, produced using buried collectors, takes the energy in the soil and distributes it in the form of heating. This renewable energy system is now installed at Riva Bella Naturist to power the Bar-Restaurant, our naturist Seawater Spa and the southern washrooms.

• The "Beach" and "Maquis" washrooms operate on solar power.

    Riva Bella's naturist Seawater Spa in Corsica

• New "Naturist Thalassotherapy Packages" at attractive prices... Riva Bella's naturist Seawater Spa in Corsica uses 100% natural products and rare and endemic ingredients in its "Solyvia" Corsican essences, 100% organic with anti-ageing and antioxidant properties: prioritising our nature with our island's traditional and ancestral know-how...

• Our Spa's new facilities: come and discover our new YIN YANG baths...

    Your naturist holiday village in Corsica

• Treat yourself or someone else! If you are looking to celebrate a special event (birthday, honeymoon, etc.) or just want to surprise someone, contact us to prepare flowers, champagne, a fruit basket, cake or Spa gift cards or vouchers...

• At Riva Bella, singles are welcome with all due respect and in total tranquillity: view our "SOLO" offers.

• Riva Bella is exclusively Naturist from the 1st of April to the 5th of November 2017.
However, the village is open all year round to Non-Naturists due to the popularity of our Seawater Spa with our island's inhabitants: our aim is to keep everyone happy and encourage respect for all. Find us at An area of beach at the end of the village remains naturist for our devoted naturists.

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